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1. How long do you work?

3-Shift Working Model and we work 24 Hours a day, 7 Days a week, 365 days in a year. No matter its a public Holiday or Christmas.

2. How can I place my order ?

Just send us a mail with all the instructions. We will send you a dedicated FTP account to upload your Jobs. FTP Request

3. How do I send and receive my images ?

We have tried our top to arrangement and simple and flexible upload/ download way. So, you can send and receive your images in three simple ways.

  1. Get an absolutely Free FTP account!! from us and start uploading your files. To get your own FTP account, please fill up the contact form or simply E-mail us to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  FTP Request
  2. E-mail us your images!!! If the size of your order is less than 20 MB.
  3. Use file sharing protocols like : We-transfer

In detail:

a. FTP 

Dedicate/Temporary FTP account: If you are known with FTP account (Filezilla), just send apply for a FTP account and we will generate a dedicated FTP account for you within an hour. When a huge figure of files is to be uploaded, FTP server is the ultimate choice. When the client applies for FTP account information, we will Email the FTP Host Name: User Name, Password and other related information. This in sequence is personalized, highly confidential and will be shared between the client and the team only. Thereafter, the Filezilla software is downloaded for Windows user or Fetch Soft works when MAC is used, and then the FTP address, password, and username are entered that are provided in the email.

b. Via Email

You may send your images by email if it is only a few numbers of images. And with your email add-on grant limit (generally 20 MB)

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

c. File Sharing Protocols 

Extra alternative simple & flexible way for upload and download your files: We-transfer

note that: You can easily upload up to 2 GB files. And please don’t forget to write a note about your requirements and must use our email:This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. on “friends email”

4. Do you have any facility for free/sample trial job ?

Sure, you may give us 1 sample file for checking our work quality. You may upload your sample file to us via email & website free trial form.

5. What about quotation ?

Normally, the price depends on the image complexity and the bulk amount of your files. You will also happy to know that We are trained to decrease the additional estimate which burdens companies that use main team for Photoshop and Publishing services, our basic Clipping path services start beginning only $0.40 USD & you will get a discount for your largeness work.

6. What about your quality ?

Our all of designers and quality controllers are particularly skilled and they are working on the same ground for more than a few years. Exceedingly trained group can improve, renovate and rebuild your image with perfection and mend those gravely injured photographs.

7. What about turnaround time ?

Usually the Turnaround time depends on the image complexity and the quantity. Our side is 24 hours alert for your backing and we will confirm you with best class turnaround time. Please inform us which turnaround time you need. Our fundamental turnaround time is 1 hour to 72 hours. For urgent job, just inform us, we will delivery within any turnaround time.

8. What is your payment method?

We accept payment via PayPal. Direct Money Transfer to our bank account is possible.

9. What is the confidentiality of my images?

We know how private your images are! We keep data privacy not to use in any manner at any situation.

10. Any more questions?

If you have more questions to ask or any query please feel free to contact us. Our friendly agent will get back to you shortly.

Bulk Image Editing

We offer a great DISCOUNT on BULK orders. If you have images need clipped/edited, please request a Quotation Here.

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Just give us a try, we will show you the Quality & how fast this could be!

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Payment Gateway

We accept payment via PayPal, Credit/Debit Card. Facility To Bank Transfer.

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